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mushroombox's Journal

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asa: you first
isa: no, you first
asa: nooo I said YOU first, I insist >3
isa: ooh well, mrs.Gokudera. Your 13-year-old appearance can't represent your true emotion. Another nickname: Mrs.Hattori. Don't think because you're a gore-maniac, sound horizon freak, and graphic-lover, you can be the latter XD

asa: Well I'm sorry if I'm a gore maniac, Mrs. Enjou~ You're also a graphic lover and a BIG fan of Type-moon like me XD

isa: ooh, I though you're phoenix-lover, aren't you? /gg
asa: and you're a coldplay-lover too right?
isa: oooh, how do you know, kajiura-fan? wait! I'm a kajiura-fan, too!
asa: well duuhhh. Anyhow, let's go to the introduction!
isa: but there's no more space.
asa: .....crap

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